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Our Story

The Story Behind Our Award-winning Stories

We set out to create something really innovative with our personalized book company because we think that every child deserves to see themself and their loved ones reflected on the pages of a hardcover storybook.

We truly believe that it doesn’t matter if your child speaks Spanish or English, has brown eyes or blue, or has a single mom or two … We’ll make a book that looks and sounds just like you!

"Taking personalized books to the next level."

How Our Personalized Book Company Came to Be

“Don’t talk to me. Don’t play with me. You don’t speak English. You speak Spanish,” said another child (yes, a child) to my then three-year-old son on the playground of his new preschool.

When I learned how my baby boy was spoken to, I resolved to do all I could to prevent my two children from being made to feel “less than” or left out because of their Peruvian heritage – and to comfort and encourage them when labeled “different.”

But knowing so many suffer far greater hurt and even harm, it never seemed like enough to only support and uplift my own children. I wanted to do something to help all children feel included, respected, and loved, regardless of which language they speak, what they look like, and who their family is.

That’s how and why the draft of my first children’s book transformed into a line of award-winning personalized books for kids with customizable casts and characters, available in bilingual and single-language versions.

The high degree of customization offered in each of our books helps us to truly celebrate all families: bilingual, biracial, LGBT, single-parent, blended, adoptive, and multi-generational families, as well as traditional nuclear families.

And because we make children’s books written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian, we can help lots of kids develop pride in their heritage language while practicing it.

Our Personalized Books are More than Storybooks

Your lil’ cutie will squeal with delight when they recognize themself and their loved ones on the pages of their very own hardcover children’s book! As the story unfolds and they see themself succeeding, their self-confidence will grow. And when they see their family doing everyday things in their new favorite storybook, they will feel both seen and heard; they will know they matter, and their self-esteem will blossom.

If you have ever struggled to find a book that looks and sounds like your child or your family, you’ll love our award-winning personalized books for kids! And even if you haven’t, you’ll love that our custom storybooks make a thoughtful, meaningful gift – for any child.

See how truly different our personalized books are - Check out the line today :)

Show Me The Books!

Personalized Books that are Award-winning, too!

These aren’t novelty gift books that merely spell out a child’s name. Each personalized children’s book from Snowflake Stories tells a story, which is probably why all of our custom storybooks are multi-award-winning.

Books award judges have done the vetting for you. Purchase with confidence knowing your child will want to read their personalized book over and over again!