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Our Story

Once upon a time, a woman
dreamed of creating children’s books in
different languages, which could be
tailored to reflect a child in both the
text and images. Snowflake Stories was
formed to fulfill that dream.

Personalize one of our books for a special
child who will treasure it for a lifetime.
Remember - just like a snowflake...
every child’s story is unique!

Who We Are

Snowflake Stories was founded in 2013, by Jill Barletti, a single mom of two: son Robbie and daughter GiGi. Even though Jill did all of the writing, Robbie and GiGi played an instrumental role in every aspect of the business. The two were a great sounding board, helping to select illustrators and lending their editing skills whenever their mom asked, “How does this sound?”


As the company grew, so did Robbie and GiGi’s responsibilities. The two children wrote blog posts for the Fun Stuff category of the website, edited crafting videos, and even wrote the music for the eBooks.

How We Started

The idea of writing personalized children’s books came about one night while Jill vacationed with extended family in the summer of 2012. Jill was responsible for tucking her niece and nephew into bed; the two wanted a bedtime story, but no appropriate books were available. So Jill had to make one up and decided to make her niece and nephew the main characters. She admits that the story created on the fly wasn’t very good, but when the two heard their names and realized that


they were the protagonists, a smile formed on their lips, and their eyes began to sparkle. That’s when Jill knew she was on to something: personalized children’s books.

People have always sought out Jill’s assistance with writing, and some suggested she write a children’s book. A few short months after that family vacation, Jill sat down and drafted the first of several bilingual children’s books in Spanish and English.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to provide products of only the highest quality, which recipients will cherish for a lifetime.

Each Snowflake Stories book will be available in hardcover initially; the eBook version will follow shortly after each book launch.


Another really important goal at Snowflake Stories is to serve as a source of healthy images for children. We have made a conscious effort to include only healthy-sized, happy characters in our personalized children’s books that children of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities can relate to.

Our Guarantee

We believe that ordering a beautiful, heirloom-quality, hardcover personalized children’s book from Snowflake Stories should be worry-free.

Therefore, we guarantee that your personalized children’s book will arrive free of errors. Period.

In the rare event that we have made an error, we will remake and send the book at no cost to you.


If by chance, you have made an error when placing your order, please contact us so that we can remake the book for you. Even if the book has already shipped, we will make and send a new, correct book to replace the incorrect one. For this new, correct book, you will only be responsible for the cost of shipping it to the address of your choice.