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How to Prevent Summer Slide

Hopefully, by now, the kids have had some time to relax and recover from the hectic school year schedule. (And I hope that you, the parent, have as well!) But it’s time to face reality, and the reality is that summer slide is real. According to the Johns Hopkins School of Education, if your children are not engaging in activities that require them to utilize academic skills, they can lose two months of math and reading achievement.

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Web Dev: How the Snowflake Stories Website Came to Be

My personalized Dance Recital book was written, and the illustrator had been selected, but she was not be able to begin work for a few months. It was then time to focus my attention on having a website built, which would serve as the principal retail outlet for my books. Because of the high degree of customization of my book, I knew that one of the D.I.Y. website building services like Squarespace simply wouldn’t work; I knew that I had to have the site built from scratch. And, custom websites can be costly, so I thought it would be wise to learn all I could about website development, especially since I knew nothing about the subject.

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Beyond the Book: The Story Behind the Story

In the summer of 2012, my parents came to New England to visit my children and me. During this visit, after I casually mentioned that I enjoyed writing my blog more than I enjoyed my job, they suggested that I write a children’s book. Their encouragement helped me to realize that I wanted to write a book; the only thing that prevented me from starting to write was that I didn’t know what to write about.

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Beyond the Book: Personalized Books for Kids with Customizable Characters and Casts

The first personalized children’s books that were available when I was a child allowed for little more than a dedication to the child in the front of the book. More recently, personalized books for kids have included storylines consisting of loosely-woven lines that spell a child’s name.

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Beyond the Book: Why I Write Bilingual Personalized Children’s Books

The Why

People are curious why a native English-speaker who only began the journey of developing fluency in Spanish in junior high school would publish award-winning books in bilingual and single-language books in five different languages.

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Beyond the Book: Why I write

“How did you start writing?” is one question I am often asked when introduced as an award-winning author of two bilingual personalized children’s books. My answer to that question is that there was a perfect storm brewing which led me down that path.

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